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Copywriting jobs

  What’s been keeping us busy this summer? We’ve been pretty busy of late. In fact, it’s been one of the liveliest periods since we started trading in April 2012. We thought we’d share a quick summary of what we’ve been up to, partly to show the diversity of projects we’ve been working on and partly […]

The changing face of prospectuses

  I have worked in the Higher Education sector for over eight years, both as an external copywriter for various clients and in-house as Publications Officer and Communications Manager. During this time, I’ve seen major shifts in the way prospectuses are produced.

Happy birthday to us

  Messagelab Communications Ltd was incorporated as a private company one year ago today. We thought we’d take some time to reflect on our first year, with a cuppa and a generous slice of birthday cake (chocolate fudge, since you asked) – self-indulgence all round.