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‘Creative Mischief’ by Dave Trott

  LOAF | 2009 What a great title for a book, and what an excellent philosophy for life. As this collection of anecdotes proves, Dave Trott applies this philosophy of creative mischief to his whole life, not just to his work as an advertising copywriter. I challenge anyone to read it and not end up […]

‘Predatory Thinking’ by Dave Trott

  Macmillan |  May 2013 Having witnessed Dave Trott deliver a keynote speech full of creative genius at the recent Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference, I had high hopes for this book. And although you can’t judge a book by its cover (you can), this cover is pretty cool.

A rabble of copywriters

  Pictures of brains, creative mischief, a statistician, and the phrase “chuffin’ ‘eck” at the first Professional Copywriters’ Network conference. When I worked at a university, I regularly went to conferences. Now, as a small business owner paying my own fees, I have to think a bit more carefully about the choices I make. Having […]